Adam Samełko (Genealogy Tour)

Zenon was beyond words the GREAT. His knowledge and expertise in Polish genealogy was something to behold. His diligence in searching was unrelenting. We met relations on our journey and he was able to relate to them where everyone fit as to our family tree. At the end of the journey, I felt he knew our lineage better than I did.

Zenon’s preparation was beyond belief. His ability to “switch” between our two families, to keep names straight, lineages right, and the understanding of our family tree was in itself a great task and he did it without any hesitation.

All the hotels were of the highest quality and all had excellent service. Each had it’s own little charm and you were quite comfortable with the surroundings.

Our personal tour was in itself a testimonial to the excellence of PolishOrigins and all those involved especially Magdalena, who set the agenda and kept the lines of communication open at all times.

Our goals were more than achieved; they were exceeded beyond anything we dreamed of. Thru Zenon’s efforts and contacting residents in the villages, we met and spent time, glorious time, with our newly discovered relatives. I have since received e-mails from them upon our return to the States and will write often, sharing more stories and family pictures. they are in our lives forever.

As well as this custom tour of ours went, I would/could not change a thing.