James and Janice Piwok (Genealogy Tour)

I believe we gathered more information then I thought possible. The opportunity to walk the villages, attend the churches my ancestors lived at was amazing. The talent of Zbigniew to track down the information which allowed us to achieve these moments was fantastic.

We were very pleased with time and information we gathered with Eva on our tour of Krakow. The experience and knowledge we gathered with Zbigniew was truly outstanding. We could not have asked for a more professional and knowledgeable guide. He worked diligently at his craft and left no opportunity unexplored. Zbigniew was very enjoyable to be with and we feel he is a true friend to Janice and me. Thank you, thank you for a wonderful experience..

The hotel we stayed at was also a great experience. We could not have found a more enjoyable place to stay.

Wonderful, wonderful experience!!!