I did achieve my initial goals in terms of answering my questions about my family, their village, and their emigration. But of course — as is true for all successful research — gaining answers to those questions led me to new questions! As I wrote to Aga previously, I was especially delighted to receive Lucjan’s report of his preliminary research a couple of weeks in advance of our arrival. For me, this by itself was already a breakthrough in my research as it positively confirmed my family’s village, my great-grandparents’ names and dates,  and gave me a sense of the extended family! This was HUGE and a very exciting moment for me! I am so glad that the preliminary research is part of the program.

Your little company is providing a fantastic service to genealogists with family from these regions. Aga was ever helpful in planning and communicating all the arrangements.  Lucjan was a great guide and I would work with him again. I heard from our fellow travelers the same thing about Zbigniew. Keep up the great work!