Evelyn and Frederick

We want to thank everyone of you for the most wonderful trip to Poland. Finding Fred’s 3rd cousin and graves of his great grandmother, his grandfather sister, her daughter and her son which we met was the culmination of an absolutely wonderful and fascinating trip, meeting all of you and Marek in Warsaw and Pavel in Kraków made our trip incredible. The PolishOrigins is a fantastic group.

Thank you Daniel for being so persistent, with you we met so many wonderful people and saw so much of the country in that area of your beautiful country, we loved our discussions and again thank you for your persistence and your passion. Thanks to your persistence we got to meet with Zenon the father of the Karas priest and who we might had met another one of Fred’s cousin.

Thank you Zenon for showing us that wonderful village and for trying to get us connected with the Karas family that we met when we were with you. Fred will like to pursue the DNA route with the last Karas that we met, please let us know how we can go about it. Continue your work, I am sure that your company makes many people as happy as you did us. We wish you the best and all the success in the world.

Thank you to Kinga for being Sherlock Holmes and finding Fred’s 3rd cousin, we wish we would had taken a photo of you when you came back to the car to tell us that you had very good news, you were glowing and so happy, it just show the passion that you have doing genealogy and you are so good at it. Finding that document open so many doors and your insistence on following the Woznik name amazed us, thank you so much, seeing Fred and Longin so happy was precious.

Thank you Aga for all your help throughout the planning of this trip, we were very nervous choosing PolishOrigins but we could not have made a better decision to come to Poland for Fred’s genealogy trip with PolishOrigins. Your attention to detail is so good, thank you again

Aga please tell Pavel that we kept our promise and did go to Saint Mary’s cathedral in old Kraków and he was absolutely right, we have never seen anything like it, just breathtaking!!!

Your countryside it’s so beautiful

The people are so kind, trusting and welcoming

We just love this trip

Fred & Evelyn