In my view, Pawel, Zbigniew, Ivanka, and Hubert were all knowledgeable, personable, excellent English speaking guides.  Each had also reviewed the Zbigniew’s genealogical report well enough to bring a personal touch to the tours.

Zbigniew did a remarkable job of finding genealogical records on individuals relatives who lived in Lviv and the surrounding towns and villages to the east and south of Lviv.  We learn history of the family and was new to the relatives we met with in Warsaw and Krakow – giving the experience additional significance.

The preparation was excellent for our group, thanks in large part to Aga’s clear and helpful responses to the constant changes in our tour itinerary both before the tour and during the time of the tour.  It was seamless from our perspective and created a very positive and trusting experience.

All went very well at the hotels that PolishOrigins contracted both at the level of services and with regard to their close proximity to areas of interest in Krakow, Lviv, and Warsaw.

PolishOrigins Tours fills a unique niche for those of us in the USA who wish to explore our roots in Poland.  I will be returning to Poland in the future with family members, largely because of PolishOrigins’ ability to conduct both general and custom tours.