Russel and Pamela

Dr. Peter Nagy was very professional and absolutely knew where to go to get the information necessary for finding out my genealogical connections. He persevered  when he thought that there were no living relatives left in Devicany.  Peter set up a meeting with town mayor and historical author, Mr. Milan Batovsky, in regards to finding my family’s home. Interestingly, that meeting led to the discovery of Milan being my 3rd cousin. Needless to say, I was absolutely thrilled that I have family there now and we are beginning to communicate via email.  I hope to return to Slovakia next year and seek out Peter’s assistance in looking further back in to my family’s ancestry.

I loved the opportunity to see various scenery and the sheer beauty of the countryside of Poland. I also very much enjoyed the opportunity to photograph and capture the faces of the Polish people in their daily life, the architectural design and elements in many of the buildings, city squares, churches, heritage parks and cultural ancestral homes. Truly an amazing experience!!

I thought that Pawel did an awesome job handling our group, who could be challenging at times. He was very knowledgeable about the history, culture, the environment, and the life of the Polish people and country. I enjoyed chatting with him and most of all his laughter and great smile!!

Thank you Polish Origins for helping me discover my Slovak family living in Devicany!!! It meant the world to me.