Both guides extremely knowledgeable and passionate about their profession. Customer service excellent – I felt it wasn’t just a job for them but that they were intent on making sure I had a good and safe experience.

I went with the attitude that whatever I could find out would be a bonus. I actually came out with more information than I expected. Zbigniew, I felt went up and over his mandate and did a wonderful job in connecting me with possible family of my grandmother’s in Ukraine. Lots of bumpy roads we treaded to reach destinations i.e. tombstones of ancestors – emotional for me-took pictures to share with family members.

Diana in Lwow – she was wonderful, pleasant and sweet. She loves her city and it showed. Her tour included all the places my grandfather lived and played (including the first apartment he and my grandmother lived in when they married). All three, Zbigniew, Pawel and Diana, were great. Zbigniew found out the most interesting things about some of my grandfather’s family and Pawel knew so much about Krakow.

Wonderful and amazing trip.