The beekeeping museum in Stróże

One of the most famous apiary in Poland is in Stróże.

A part of the exhibition in Stróże. Picture source:,274480.html

This beekeeping company is called Sądecki Bartnik, and their honey can be found all over Poland. The family business exists since 1973. In 2000 the owners created a beekeeping museum, with an incredible collection of different beehives, accessories and tools, used for honey production. There is also a gift  shop and a very good restaurant, specializing not only in local cuisine, but also in honey beer and mead.

The bee-garden in Stróże. Picture source:

The Museum is located in the beauty of the surrounding Beskidy Mountains. Every July they organize a festival called the ?Biesiada u Bartnika? (a feast with the beekeeper)  During this festival you can take the opportunity to see the honey harvest presentations, taste wonderful regional dishes, and enjoy it all with an accompaniment of folk music bands.

Sculptured bee hives. Picture source:

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