The Polish Brick Wall That Won’t Crumble. Part 4: Going to the Chapel – March 20, 2019,


One the last day of the genealogy tour, we visit the Gąsewo cemetery. There has been cemetery chapel here for 1000 years.  We took photos of gravestones that had the surnames in my family tree surnames at the cemeteries we visited. My long-term goal to create family trees to see if I can discover a connection. Again, Daniel placed flyers on several headstones for any visitors to those plots to contact him if they had information regarding my ancestors. 

Gąsewo Cemetery Chapel



We then drove to the parish church at Krasnosielc. In 1895, Ignacy Borucki married Aleksandra Lipinska inside this church. Aleksandra’s family was from Krasnosielc. It was a wonderful feeling to be inside a building that my ancestors had once walked inside. Unfortunately, the homes that existed in Mamino prior to World War II were destroyed. 


Krasnosielc parich church
The interior of the Krasnosielc parish.




Daniel Paczkowski was very adept in coaxing the informants to call other relatives to get their family tree. And, was able to speak to Piotr Chojnowski via phone to obtain the family chronicle of Władysław Chojnowski visit to the United States to supposedly to meet with Ignacy Borucki. I received gracious hospitality from those I met. Always offered tea and a snack while we talk in their homes.

Daniel is an experienced genealogy professional. He provided an excellent trip and research report after the tour. Aga Pawlus, Polish Origins Tour Manager, did a great job organizing my tour. I was able to meet up with her on a side trip to Kraków. She took me to the Academy of Music in Kraków Conservatory for quick bite to eat at the rooftop café. The café has a wonderful view of Kraków

Thank you, Daniel and Aga, for providing a pleasant experience. I greatly appreciated the service Polish Origins and you two both provided. 


Caroll Budny

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