The Three Sisters Trip. Monday July 15th.

Breakfast was included and it was excellent.  We arranged to meet Zenon at the hotel so we had plenty of time to be ready (pack, eat and shop).

He loaded up the SUV and off we went to our first stop – The Janczar Hotel.  This hotel is a beautifully landscaped, serene place nestled amid hills and fields about an hour away from Rzeszow.

After setting up in our rooms, we  headed up to the stables where we boarded an old fashioned carriage and took a very informative ride thru the area.


Our trip took us thru fields of wheat and rye and the guide stopped at an area where he told us the story of how tanks used that route to invade the town at the bottom of the hill.

2013-07-15 16.06.31
Stables at the Janczar hotel.
2013-07-15 16.13.31
Stables at the Janczar hotel.

After a little rest, we met at the hotel’s restaurant and shared a feast, then it was off to bed.  Each evening we all knew what time we were to meet the next day so that whatever Zenon scheduled for us to see, we would be on time.


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