The Three Sisters Trip. Sat July 13th to Sun 14th.

Carol, Virginia and Geraldine during their tour.

We all met at JFK (NYC) and waited on the very long LOT Airlines line.  The line did go fast and the employees were very nice.  Going thru security was fast and easy and we boarded the plane with no hold ups.  There were a lot of kids on the flight, half of which were on a school trip.  The plane was a 787 the new dreamliner and we loved it!  Aah, the food.  It could have been better.

>We landed in Warsaw and proceeded thru security to catch our plane to Rzeszow.

That was a small prop plane and it was only a forty-five minute ride.  The airport at Rzeszow is a clean and easy to get around building.  Everything is clearly marked.  We grabbed a cab outside the terminal and arrived at the Ambasadorski Hotel.  We picked that hotel thru and it was a winner!!!  Right on the square on one side and across from a park on the other.  It had a great cafe inside with an outside restaurant both serving the greatest gelato, cappuccino and desserts.  Inside there was a main restaurant and a bar.   Sunday we walked around the town but most stores were closed so we spent most of our time eating.


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