The Three Sisters Trip. Tuesday July 23rd.

We took a short ride to another section of Krakow to see the Ethnographic Museum which presented the everyday life style of the Polish people.  Now, you may be thinking ?How many museums could we be interested in??  Each museum had a different presentation of homes, clothing, tools, occupations, etc. and was set up to keep you interested in each aspect.

Traditional clothes from Podhale region in Ethnographic museum in Kraków.

Traditional clothes in Ethnographic museum in Kraków.

We went back to the Old Town and grabbed a quick lunch and met up with Zenon and our guide for a four-hour walking tour of the area.

This young man was amazing.  When I heard four hours I thought there was no way I was gonna make it, but the guide understood what we required and found areas to sit and made the tour so easy.

Main Market Square in Kraków.
St. Mary’s Church in Kraków.

This is a tour not to be missed.  The churches, Pawal Castle, the Underground City Museum (fantastic) the stories, the hidden courtyards he showed us, all of it was great!

We then met up with Aga (Zenon’s office elf) and enjoyed yet another great dinner.



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