Wanderlust: Polska 2014. Part 11: Meeting with Anna Krok.

May 6, 2014

Went to the church office in Debica. A kindly sister helped us look through the church registry. It was quite comical as at one point a priest came in and told her we were taking up too much of her time. I just kept smiling and she kept looking in the old books. She was so nice to us!!

She found the name of a Petrus Buszek. Drove up to Podgrodzie and stopped and asked a neighbor lady. She told us there was a Buszek 2 doors down. We drove over there and a man was in his barn working on the car. It turned out to be Adam Buszek.

First meeting with Adam

We spoke and he was shocked that we stopped to visit all the way from the USA.  He is my cousin!!  After much discussion he invited us back at 3pm the next day to meet the family. He told us where my great uncle Zygmunt Buszek (his grandfather) was buried at St Jadwiga Cemetery in Debica. We went to take photos of the old cross and small plaque. At that point we stopped at the Chinese Restaurant to have something to drink. Yes, they have Chinese restaurants in Poland.

In the afternoon we went to meet my cousin Anna Krok, her son Artur and her mother Danuta. I found Anna on the PolishOrigins website when I looked under the Mastyj name!

Anna and her family

Anna served us Strawberry Pierogi’s. Anna and her mother took us to the farm of my cousin Maria. They were most kind and we talked about the family. Afterwards we headed to the farm where my grandfather and great-grandmother were born. This was also on my bucket list. The ride down the hill was straight down, very scary with lots of potholes.

We met my cousin Jozefa and she talked about the old farm.

We dropped Anna and her daughter off. We headed for dinner and then back to the agro-tourism. It was great to meet them all and Anna Krok was super!


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  1. Zenon is very bold and will stop the car and ask anyone for help locating family. I was so appreciate of how nice he was to all my Polish relatives. Polish Origins took good care of us. Magda and Zenon made calls, set up appointments, drove and translated for us! What a wonderful service they provide. 🙂

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