Wanderlust: Polska 2014. Part 13: Back home.

May 8, 2014

We left the agro-tourism at 8:30am. It was a 5 drive to Warsaw. We drove through the Swietokrzyskie Province. That was quite interesting to me as at one point I was the webmaster of this Province for PolandGenWeb. Zenon was kind enough to drive us to the airport hotel. We stayed at the Marriott, which is directly across the street from the Chopin airport. I can’€™t say enough good things about Zenon and his company PolishOrigins. We started our trip to Poland with the fantastic Magda Smolka and finished with the most excellent Zenon Znamirowski.  Thank you for making this a genealogical trip of a lifetime!

Travel home
Travel home

May 9, 2014

Flew to Paris, France at 6:50am bidding a fond farewell to the ancestral homeland. With our Business Class tickets, we had access to the Air France lounge in Paris. They have free drinks, food and wifi. Spent all our time in there, then headed for the gate. Excellent flight. I watched the movies: Monument Men, Philomena and Just plain Freda. Took a cab in Atlanta to the Hampton Inn, tomorrow we take a quick flight to Cleveland.

May 10, 2014

Nice trip to Cleveland. A kind policeman at the airport called for our hotel shuttle on his cell phone. We were home in 2 hours.



  1. Carol,

    This is the best reward to see such words ❗

    Hope to see you and Mike someday in the future.

    BTW, at the beginning of October I will be again in Sieklowka with our other guests. Do you want me to say hello to the rector priest there 😉 ?

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