The Three Sisters Trip. Friday July 19th.

This was a fairly new hotel, with balconies in all rooms, overlooking the mountains.  The restaurant downstairs was surrounded with windows which afforded us a wonderful feeling each morning.

We were off to the town of Zakopane – our shopping dream.

We took the tram up the mountain for the amazing views and were also greeted by great restaurants, vendors and horse carriage tours complete with costumed drivers.  After some shopping up there, we headed down to the main street for lunch and more shopping.  The prices and items for sale were excellent and we shopped til we dropped.

A view from Gubałówka hill..
2013-07-19 11.07.51
A photo with white bear – souvenir from Zakopane.

We strolled over to the museum containing floors of artifacts showing the different types of homes, geology, tools, clothing, religious articles, etc. of the area.

Museum in Zakopane.
Museum in Zakopane.

Then we walked over to the old cemetery and meandered through very old and decorated graves.  We drove over to a nearby town to visit an actual wood workshop to see his wares, before returning to Zakopane for dinner at a restaurant where we were serenaded by a Goral band.  What a delight!

More shopping (til it got dark) and we headed back to the hotel.  New hotel – new desserts to try.


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