Genealogy Services



As you are well aware genealogy research projects are very often extensive and time-consuming endeavors. Many of you have been doing this for years and you know there is still more to discover! This is why we would like to offer our services. 

If you feel like getting to a wall, that you’re stuck in your genealogy research, that you need some assistance or just need some answers, please contact us by filling out the Genealogy Research Request form.

We offer top-quality genealogy research services. Our researchers are Poland based, experienced professionals, who are passionate about history and genealogy. 


How it works

  1. Contact us to explain your needs. Fill out the form above. Be also prepared to attach files that may be helpful in further research or add links, like family trees with online access. It’s free. 
  2. We will contact you within 5 working days. You will receive an email with costs and information about possible research. We will be waiting for your decision for 21 days.
  3. After we receive your positive decision, we will start to do the research. It may take a while, however, you will be informed about the whole process on a regular basis. After the research, you will receive a full report containing a list of founded ancestors, all the founded details, founded documents and some historical background. 


What we offer

The initial stage we call First Leads. This is a stepping stone project – an initial work that needs to be done by our genealogists within 3 working hours. Based on the first findings we verify your information and check if there exist any first leads for further research. First Leads may include: confirmation of place of origin of your ancestors, availability of given kind of records for given place we know we can use to do thorough research, finding a specific record of your ancestor, or in case of relatives search it may be the confirmation that people bearing your forefathers’ surname still live in their tiny village. As the outcome of this stage, we will have knowledge about the further possible direction of the research. You can then continue the research by yourself or ask us to help you in the next stages.

The cost of the First Leads stage is 750 Polish zlotys.

The next level is Basic Research. It contains 10 hours of genealogists’ work. Depending on the availability of sources it may provide more documents as well as some historical background. This stage is completed with a Research Report. It includes all the details of our discoveries, scans of the records (if there was no restriction on the Archives side), and a research summary.

Standard Research. This option contains 20 hours of genealogists’ work. Again, the results of the research will be specified in the Research Report. 

Advanced Research. If you are aware that your family search project requires a lot of time and expertise or you just need as comprehensive results as it is possible please contact us. We will see what is possible to achieve and will discuss details of the project scope individually.

Costs of each level of service consist of project manager’s and genealogists’ work time on the plus actual costs of traveling to given archives and getting access to records. You will receive a detailed cost for your project before you commit to anything. 

How long it may take: 

Even though we declare a certain amount of hours that we spend on your project, the report may be sent weeks or even months after ordering our services. Why so long? Because usually getting this kind of information takes time: ordering copies of documents from archives or parishes, scheduling visits in parishes may take a while and we don’t have any influence on that. So please be patient, we will contact you regularly to inform you about our work progress. 


If you are ready to check what we can do for you fill out the Genealogy Research Request form or contact us by email: [email protected]